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A hub of healthcare with a difference


Care to the core at the right time requires second to nothing facilities.Nahas Hospital has been equipped with all the modern facilities available today to care the patients and serve them well.


Years of experience and the full-fledged team of Doctors, Nurses and other staff members is the back born and strength of us. Together we take care of your health.


Our dedicated team believes in the value of immaculate services and stay awake for the patient round the clock

Directors Message

We believe that quality treatment is not a luxury, in fact it’s right of every patient.

Keeping patients Happy & Healthy!

Along the coastal belt of Malabar, Nahas Hospital and allied NCARE centres are a boon providing quality treatment and services for years. Nahas hospital is a 100 bed, 7 floor building housing suits, general wards and all other facilities that a modern well-equipped hospital provides, at an affordable cost.

Here you have Centre of Excellences in Maternal and Child Health Care and Reproductive Medicine (NCARE) which can be veritably considered as best not only in Malappuram but also in neighbouring areas especially in the case of number of successful deliveries. Also, the results of NCARE deserves special ovation as it regularly grows beyond the state and national averages. Nahas hospital also provide specialised care OPDs and caters the interest and requirement of multivarious disease stricken multitude in various areas of Malabar.

Our Vision

Looking forward optimistically to bringing up a healthy society by ensuring the best treatment to the world

Meet Our Team With Excellent Skills

From its inception itself, Nahas has been blessed with a special group of professional doctors with great expertise. The sincere and unconditional support of this team backed with national and international experience has contributed a lot in forming the laudable hallmark of the hospital.


Our Specialization

We specialize in something sacred. Our area of main focus is the healthcare of mothers and babies. In addition to maternal and child care, we promote reproductive medicine also.

We are providing specialized cares on

Our Facilities

Giving healthy importance to your health is worthwhile



Nahas hospital maintains its outstanding face and prestige by means of making all type of state of the art medical equipment in all departments.

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Success Rate

Until this moment after we set foot in the medical field we have accorded the primary importance to serving the patient as much as possible.

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Skilled Doctors

Typically hospitals are evaluated on the basis of the services it provides. But the services can be less effective and sometimes dangerous unless the professional team is well recruited and trained.

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Advanced Medicine, Trusted Care.

Having understood this importance, we have brought together the best doctors and staff with a proven record of skill and experience.

Maternal and Child Health Care

We promote the therapeutic facility and star care to protect and maintain the maternal health and to ensure the birth of healthy children. To actualize this, we adopt the way of diagnosis and treatment of common as well as high-risk women problems, neonatal care, management of diseases and medical conditions of children and adolescents.

Reproductive Medicine

In a busy world of strange hobbies and habits, reproductive problems have started to haunt both men and women irrespective of age and life status. So everyone, in some way or other, is insisted to seek the help of reproductive treatment and medicine that specializes in fertility preservation, diagnosing and treating infertility, and other reproductive problems. We have a special body for this purpose called Nahas Centre for Assisted Reproduction & Endoscopy – Centre of excellence (NCARE).

Specialised care

Nahas has always tried to ensure the best care and ace treatment from the beginning of its medical mission. As patients, everyone will be consigned to the world of loneliness and hopelessness where the only solace they can absorb from others will be specialized care and hopeful behaviours. At Nahas, you can avail multi-specialist consultations and irreplaceable support by well-established doctors and other staff.

General surgery and Anaesthesia

You can believe us and our expert team of surgeons on the most crucial occasions which need either general surgery or anaesthesia. All the modern facilities for major and minor surgeries are available here at Nahas for your healthcare and sweeping recovery.

Orthopaedic surgery and procedures

At times when we are disturbed by musculoskeletal trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumours or congenital disorders, we will have to ask for the help of Orthopaedic department. Nahas hospital has got a special wing of doctors dealing with orthopaedic surgery and treatment to help you.

Major surgeries:

Equipped with all hi-tech facilities and prominent doctors and surgeons, we are full-fledged to undertake any of our patient's surgical problems and perform them with comfort and complete care. And we do an entire range of different types of surgeries


The increasing problems related to the parts of the body that produce and carry urine have become a big concern today and many people fail to get proper guidelines and treatments for these problems. We have expert urologists who treat general diseases of the urinary tract and other specialized urologists in female urology, male infertility, neurourology, pediatric urology, urologic oncology, etc.

Surgical interventions

Proper and reliable surgical interventions with high vigilance are imperative in dealing with the life and health. Fitting education and adequate training and experience are mostly required to handle surgical cases because of its importance. As far as we are concerned, we are pretty sure about our team and their adept abilities.

Here is What People said about us...

Many happy mothers and smiling babies across the state represent our successful mission.